Welcome to the online HOME of
Mountain View Academy.


It is with great excitement and pride that we make our debut onto the stage of the world wide web.

We are looking forward to utilising and developing this resource as an ongoing channel of communication between us the school and you the parent, student and/or concerned party.

Our GOAL is to provide up to date information in an easy to use accessible format.

A few exciting features that are not yet enabled:

Users Login: A secure login page for teachers to upload test/exam results whereby parents and students can access results online using a secure username and password. Further details available prior to launch.

To enter the site just click on any of the links above or on the right.

Enjoy your visit!


Primary School
12 Barrow Street
Monte Vista
Tel/Fax: 021 558 5867

High School
5 Barrow Street
Monte Vista
Tel: 021 558 3126
Fax: 021 558 7249





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